We invite you to make an appointment and visit our power catamaran production facility, at Kawana, Queensland. We painstakingly hand build each and every Kevlacat power catamaran to meet the specific needs of our demanding customers.

Although our modern plant is outfitted with top of the line equipment, nothing substitutes for good old fashioned craftsmanship and attention to detail. You will find that we take the time to build a boat that will last and will deliver top value to you over the years. Even though it costs us more to hand build your rough water catamaran to withstand the rigors of extreme weather conditions, we have been able to hold our prices at or below most comparable-sized, stamped-out assembly line boats.

Starting with an award winning hull and deck design, each Kevlacat catamaran is built painstakingly from the finest materials available. Kevlacat's unique planing hull design and construction techniques are engineered to maximize hull strength while minimizing weight. The end result is a tougher, faster, more stable catamaran.  
catamaran hull
Each hull and deck mold is carefully waxed and inspected to insure a flawless finish on the final boat.  
power boat hull
Next the highest grades of vinyl ester resin gel coats and chopped glass layers are carefully sprayed into the molds, assuring a smooth, lasting factory finish on every boat.  
boat factory tour
Next comes the critical stage of incorporating Dupont Kevlar into the hull. As you know, Kevlar is the material used in bullet proof vests. It is incredibly strong and light weight, making it ideal for the rough water Kevlacat catamaran. Of course Kevlar is very expensive, but we have found no substitute when it comes to strength and keeping the hull weight down. Using Kevlar trims almost 25% from the overall weight of the hull. This translates into big savings at the gas pump for many years to come.
As you can see in the pictures to the right, laying the Kevlar is very labor intensive and great care is taken to get it just right in every boat we build. We use special, proven techniques to eliminate the possibility of delamination or blisters that have plagued many other boat manufacturers. Our hulls have been subjected to some of the roughest waters in the world, yet continue to perform without failure.
kevlar catamaran

boat building tour

spraying the catamaran hull

One of the reasons the Kevlacat catamaran holds up so well to rough waters is the way we install bulkheads. We generally install more bulkheads and then we hand glass every bulkhead to the hull, making the whole hull and bulkheads one integral unit. You can actually feel the difference as you walk on the deck and pound on the side of the hull.

Once the bulkheads are in, we carefully place fuel tanks, dry storage, fish boxes, and engine compartments to properly balance the load throughout the boat. Each bulkhead compartment is glassed water tight.
catamaran bulkheads
We take just as much care in fabricating the deck and floor. Any balsa or foam strenghtening materials are fully encased in resin impregnated fiberglass. The result is a boat that is stong, light weight and built to last a lifetime.  
light weight boats
As the hulls, floors and decks are pulled from the molds, they are assembled. Unlike many larger assembly line manufacturers, Kevlacat still hand glasses the floor and the deck to the hull. No screws to pop or glues to fail under the extreme pounding our boats are designed to take out in rough waters. The result is one integral unit that will hang together through the toughest conditions.  
catamaran factory tour
Next we install the "goodies", oftentimes based on the unique needs of our customers. Although we have several standard designs, we have a great deal of flexibility in the placement of live wells, storage, and other creature comforts. All critical components like live wells, fish and ice boxes and cutting stations are hand glassed to the floor and deck, again, insuring many, many years of trouble-free service.  
custom built boats
Our pilot stations are roomy enough to accomodate all the latest state-of-the-art electronics and instrumentation. Whether we factory install an electronics package for you or you do it yourself, you will find plenty of room and easy access.  
boat electronics
One of the last assembly steps involves installation of the potty and the upholstered items, including berths, seats and lean rails.
We take great care to make sure critical electrical components and wiring are accessable to you for future additions and potential maintenance.
Bilge pumps and live well pumps are installed and tested.
boat berths and toilets
Finally the boats are inspected, finish polished and any loose ends wrapped up. If we are installing factory power, we will add them at this point.  
finished power boat
Now it is time for the wet test. First on a local lake, then on the coast if requested.
Finally, your prize hand-crafted sportfishing or diving catamaran is ready for your first fishing trip.... the first of many, many more to come.
catamaran boat test